ground water tracer studies

Tracer studies are essential in preparing karst aquifer protection or remediation strategies.  They provide the only unequivocal information regarding the speed and direction of groundwater movement in these aquifers.  They are necessary in determining the most appropriate groundwater monitoring points with the least likelihood of confusion from external contamination sources.  EWC staff regularly utilize these studies in limestone aquifer investigations relating to hazardous waste facilities, landfills, manufacturing and chemical storage areas, spills, and groundwater withdrawal points.  We can provide a complete service from reconnaissance to report, or we can assist your staff in conducting the tracer study.

 Typical applications include:

      Contamination site analysis

      Groundwater basin analysis

      Wellhead & springhead 
     protection studies

      Point to point tracing

      Time of travel studies

Injecting tracer dye into a well

Injecting tracer dye into a sinking stream